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Voyage [Alcohol Free Cider]

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Country: UK //  Style: Alcohol Free Cider  //  Size: 330ml Bottle  //  ABV: 0.5%

From the cidery:
"A crisp, golden, full flavoured sparkling cider.  Everything you would crave from the Somerset apples it was born from to get that buzz without the fuzziness.

We aim to provide high quality, low alcohol cider without compromising on flavour, for a more balanced life.

Served in a 330ml Bottle.

'Voyage' in honour of all those trailblazers and their maiden voyages.  Just like the 102 settlers who boarded the Mayflower in Plymouth in 1620 for their maiden voyage to America. They created a new settlement called that’s right… ‘Plymouth’ and today 30 million Americans can trace their ancestry to those 102 pioneers. Raising a bottle of this golden medium cider to those who risked it all for their very own maiden voyage."