Alpha Run Club



Alpha Run Club

We meet EVERY THURSDAY at Alpha Bottle Shop & Tap in Bedminster. 

Meetup & bag drop from 6pm, ready to run at 6.30pm

 Our usual running route is a 5km, chilled pace loop around the amazing Bristol harbourside, stopping for a quick breather and a team photo half way round.

During the lighter, Summer season we mix this loop up with another favourite local route into the beautiful Victoria Park, again a 5km chilled pace. 

Both loops start and end at Alpha Bottle Shop Tap. Perfect for a celebratory post-run beer! Soft drinks, non-alcoholics and other drinks available too.

Thursdays are always free & no sign up necessary, just come along!


We post all of our upcoming runs, events and races on instagram. If you'd like to keep up to date with what the clubs doing, follow us @alpha.runclub




As runners, we love to be outside in the fresh air. But on many of our runs we unfortunately encounter litter around our lovely surroundings. That's why we try do a monthly 'PLOG' to help combat this and clean up our amazing area of Bristol.


'Plogging' comes from the Swedish term 'Plogga', combined a jog, 'jogga' in Swedish, with picking up litter, 'plocka up'. So in its simplest form, 'Plogging' is jogging whilst picking up litter!

Lead by the wonderful Clair (@litterploggerbristol) and armed with recycled litter picking equipment from Waterhaul we meet once a month on a Sunday morning to Plog around a local area in need of a good clean.










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