100% Cold Stored Beer

Warm Stored Beer  =  Bad                   Cold Stored Beer  =  Good


We source the freshest beers from the best breweries across the globe and we are committed to serving these to you as their makers intended. This is why we are one of a few retailers in the UK who provide 100% refrigerated storage. You won’t find any warm beers on our shelves at Alpha!

All good things deteriorate over time and beer is no exception. Warm temperatures and exposure to light and air will speed up this process. By keeping our beers at a cold temperature, we are ensuring that the flavour and aroma of your drink is at its absolute best.


THE 3 / 30 / 300 RULE:

Storing beer in the following conditions will result in equivalent flavour loss:

          3 days in the trunk of a hot car (32℃)   

          30 days at room temperature (22℃)

          300 days in the refrigerator (3.5℃)

 So not only will cold stored beer taste better, it will also last longer!


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"For us, cold storage is incredibly important, as storing packaged keg and canned beer at ambient temperatures, particularly in many of the styles we work with, guarantees hop flavour degradation manifesting in flavours we don’t intend to ever be in our beer, even if the beer is stored at room temperature for a short amount of time" 

Cloudwater Brew Co | Manchester, UK

"Flavour and aroma-producing oils and acids in hops deteriorate with exposure to time, air, light or warm temperatures.”

Stone Brewing Co. | Escondido, California, USA

"Storing our beer cold will help ensure that the beer lover enjoys our beers as we intended” 

Cigar City Brewing Company | Tampa, Florida, USA

"At the brewery, we want to ensure you get the best quality, freshest beer possible... Cold storage is key to ensure a higher quality product"

Gipsy Hill Brewing | London, UK


"This one is easy – beer should be stored for a short time in a dark, cool place. If you have room in your fridge, that is the best spot. If the fridge is full, keeping your beer in the basement or a cool closet is the next-best place.. Keep your beers cold, this ensures freshness and ultimately a great beer!”

Firestone Walker | Paso Robles, California, USA