Herzoglich Bayerisches Brauhaus Tegernsee

Tegernsee Pils [Pilsner]

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Country: Germany //  Style: Pilsner //  Size: 330ml Bottle  //  ABV: 4.8%

From the brewery:
"Tegernseer Tegernsee Pils is a pilsner from Germany’s Brauhaus Tegernsee. There’s been a brewery on the site of the current Tegernseer brewery in Bavaria since the 17th century, and the present-day brewery is known for its traditional Bavarian beers. Tegernseer Tegernsee Pils pours a crystal clear dark-straw colour, offering up a refreshing aroma of herbal hops and grainy pilsner malt. The flavour is crisp and refreshing, with a subtle sweetness and grassy hop flavours. Buy Tegernseer Tegernsee Pils for an authentic Bavarian Pils, with a crisp and slightly sweet flavour."