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Fruition V1 [Pale]

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Country: UK //  Style: Pale  //  Size: 440ml Can  //  ABV: 4.2%

From the brewery:

"This brew is the first in a new cask series which will feature a changing hop combo with each version, ever tied to a lovely pillowy base. It's all about exploring the hops with this one and taking every single fruity drop from them. For the first edition we brewed Fruition 1 with the team from The Smithfield Tavern and they chose to use our old favourites, Mosaic & Simcoe! We simply couldn't argue with that choice. Expect a slightly hazier cask pint that you might expect from us, with big pineapple, citrus snap & tropical fruit flavours! But as ever, we err for a retained drinkability with a tiny, very much measured slice of soft dryness that we feel marries to that sweet-tooth front end and keeps you returning for more.

VISUAL: A lovely touch of sunny D yellow with a nice snow storm, blur haze
AROMA: Huge ripe pineapple hits the nose first and foremost followed by zesty clementine & tropical fruits
TASTE: As the aroma, it's big on pineapple
MOUTHFEEL: lusciously full meets drinkability, with a tiny drying suggestion to finish