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Pride Pils [Pilsner]

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Country: UK //  Style: Pilsner  //  Size: 440ml Can  //  ABV: 5.2%

From the brewery:
"Pride is and can be many different things for many different people. For us at Queer Brewing, Pride Month is every month, and Pride is every damn day. Whether Pride for you is fleeting moments of joy and resistance, a big ol' annual march, or every minute of every day, we love and support that— and you too. 

We brewed this Pride Pils for all of the above, and to celebrate Pride in all its forms across the UK this summer. Pride Pils encapsulates everything we love about pale Czech lager: it's a light golden hue, with a rich head and a wonderful malt character. It has a bready and grassy aroma, with Lubelska hop bitterness and floral and citrus notes on the palate, followed by a crisp finish.