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Kludde [Belgian Quadrupel]

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Country: UK //  Style: Belgian Quadrupel //  Size: 330ml Bottle  //  ABV: 11.5%

From the brewery:
" In parts of Belgium, people fear the Kludde. Known as the shouting monster, he is a tormentor, some say he is a water demon. One thing that is known is, he is a massive black dog that walks on its hind legs, with heavy chains around his ankles. Described with bear claws, scaly wings and burning eyes. If this isn’t terrifying enough, it’s known to pull children into the water, it is spawned from cremated witches and wizards and if you managed to kill it, 7 more spawn from its body.

Maybe it is best to shelter in the safety of the indoors and cradle this comforting beer. Brewed in the classic Belgian style, specialty many and candi sugar give this beer a sweet, rich and full flavour. Brewed with the same yeast that the Trappist brewery Chimay use, it has that classic Belgian yeast flavour. Sit back and relax with this beer… and maybe lock the doors."