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Crispy Boys with Crispy Boys! Vol. 3

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Wednesday 17th July - 7.00pm

THE CRISPY BOYS ARE BACK FOR 2024!!!! Our silliest, yet possibly most requested event to bring back!!!

☀️ Summer is finally here, the sun has even been shining (a bit) AND the season for LAGER LAGER LAGER is now!

SO JOIN US FOR ANOTHER NIGHT OF STUPIDITY? as we delve into the wonderful World of crisps and crispy lagers once more.

No quite sure what we're talking about? Well read on...

We'll be pairing FIVE EXCEPTIONAL LAGERS from some of best lager producers around with FIVE BASIC (YET DELICIOUS) CRISPY SNACKS from some of the biggest crisp manufacturers (and just when you thought we didn't support macros 🤣)

Come for the lagers, come for the crisps, or come to see us struggle our way through pairing the flavour profiles of a Pringle and Keller Pils..

As a small venue, tickets are extremely limited and we expect them to sell out fast. So get them quick either way & if you can't make it, please let us know as soon as possible. We'll give refunds for 7 days notice and if later, we will do everything we can to sell your ticket on.