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Amber [Australian Wild Ale]

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Country: Australia //  Style: Australian Wild Ale //  Size: 750ml Bottle  //  ABV: 6%

From the brewery:
"Amber is a well cellared, rounded, malt-accentuated Australian Wild Ale.

Our traditional recipe calls for an extended boil which caramelises pale grains in order to develop a copper colour and malt sweetness. Light levels of hopping balance with the toasty characters in an extended cooler fermentation with our house mixed culture of foraged wild yeast, naturally occurring souring bacteria and brewers yeast. Following fermentation, we rack Amber into French oak barrels to further develop a smooth palate and express funky, tart characteristics from our indigenous yeast. We select and blend well evolved barrels for a beer with a desired malt forward with a matched acidic character. The slightly heavier characteristics of this beer make a fantastic complement to food and offer a variety of flavours to both compare and contrast in pairing.

Cellaring: 5+ years from bottling"